Write descriptive essay

Each of us during the study at school, college or university, not once faced with a different number of complex or simple tasks. This may be some kind of knowledge test or individual work, when students gather in groups and carry out a project. But one of the most common tasks is writing an essay. And despite the fact that for many this task seems rather simple, when it comes time to do this, many students cannot write a single line, even if they have a lot of thoughts on the desired topic.

This happens not because the student is not sufficiently educated, but simply because the student does not understand the principle of working with text. An essay is not just the expression of your own thoughts on any topic. This is a weighted and analyzed information that a student collects from several resources, analyzes it and makes up his own opinion on this issue.

Therefore, in order to write descriptive essay, you need to follow a specific Action algorithm. This will simplify your work and make the process more enjoyable.

To begin with, in the introduction designate the object of description: who it is or what it is, why this will be discussed. If this is the only item, name its main function or role in its environment. If an object is a phenomenon or a situation, then you can write in the introduction, with what they are associated or interesting in the first place. Then think about what attracts attention to the object, which makes it recognizable. It can be his qualitative characteristics or actions that occur in him or with him.

In accordance with the identification of this characteristic, use in the main part of the essay to describe the object, evaluative adjectives, adverbs, figurative expressions, verbs of timeless meaning, which characterize the state of the object in different periods of time. Also use the above adjectives and verbs in comparative constructions and complex sentences.

First, describe the most essential features and characteristics of the object so that it becomes recognizable, and then proceed to the details and details that complement the image, use the original definitions and comparisons. Do not give banal characteristics, try to show how attentive and subtle you are. To describe the movement of thought, use verbs with a neutral meaning. Concluding the description, describe the object with a brief, capacious phrase, that is, indicate what result the signs you named create and what it matters.

A similar scheme applies to all essays in which you need to describe a phenomenon, a concept or an object. In order to understand how the structure of such an essay should look like, you can also read other essays on a similar topic. This will help you to see firsthand how to structure such a text correctly. Be sure to check your essay for grammatical or punctuation errors so that your essay is perfect.

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